by Safakash

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I don't love you as a person, no no no no
You can't tell me that you're perfect, no no no no
It's not easy being with you, no no no no
You don't treat it as an issue, no no no STOP

Why you always acting reckless
That's because I still directed
You don't want to see a single message from all the people that I've been texting
Swear to god they just want the guest list
Swear to god that I'm curving efforts
Swear to god that I'm not invested
Like lights camera pandemonium
Can't breath like bad pneumonia
Just being is my baddest phobia
Had to go, cuts it's bad to know me huh?
Cus you pivot from the person that you once was
Illmatic with this shit, cuts it's one love
That's me
Love myself
Love my health
Love my wealth
Love for me
Not for all your fucking things
Not for all these fucking thieves
Offering me something real
I don't want a fucking thing
You can't tell me that you're perfect
Cuts you never fucking change

Wake up
Stay up work
Til you pass out
Til you break out
Every week
Til every dream work
All you need is all you need is hard work

Why can't you let me be happy
Why can't you let me
Why can't you let let us

All you ever wanted
Is some worth in success
All you ever got
Was the work and the stress
Are you happy
When you're singing and you're rapping

This was your dream
But now you'd rather dream that live it
Stringing words together writing every vivid
Second that you live but you didn't live it
All you ever do is think of every ending

Why can't you understand
That this shit is all we do
That this shit is all we do
That, that, that,
That you can't be anything else
All ever wanted as a kid
was to do this shit
But now you not even really doing that anymore


released March 1, 2017
Produced By: Arya Safakish
Written By: Arya Safakish
Mixed By: Arya Safakish



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Bad Faith Records Toronto, Ontario


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